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About Us

TWelcome to Mount Hill Academy. We are one of the premium boarding schools located in Mathura. The foundation stone of the Academy has been laid in 2006. We, at Mount Hill Academy, prepare children for global citizenship in the 21st century.

We are a CBSE affiliated School with the aim at providing our students with standard academic and living environment. Our Academy is well equipped to create great minds that can face future challenges with confidence & fervour.

At Mount Hill Academy, we believe in holistic devlopment of the child. So, alongwith great academic infrastructure we also provide extensive playing fields and sports facilities.

We create an environment co-existential living with shared responsibilities and a sense of community living. Our complete school details are:

Junior Branch

The Junior School distinguishes itself by providing an academic environment that is very active and hands-on to stimulate and challenge the students as individuals. It is the aim of the Junior School to enable every student to develop in the areas of academics, arts, co-curricular activities, community and leadership skills. In achieving these aims, the Junior School provides clear standards and guidelines in work, dress and behaviour. High quality of committed staff plays an important role in this process by specializing in areas of content and knowledge and by continually advancing their teaching skills. The teachers expect the students to do their best in work by actively encouraging excellence in all activities and by developing relationships based on mutual politeness and respect.The subjects taught are English, Hindi, Maths, Social Studies , Science , Computer, G.K. Sanskrit are offered from class V.

Senior Branch

The liberal education provided by MHA teaches students to think, speak and write clearly, critically and creatively. It leads them to explore the core subjects that comprises our human heritage and are the hallmarks of an educated person. It develops a healthy body and illuminates the spirit by inspiring students to look beyond themselves towards a greater goal.Teaching at the School is characterized by meaningful and respectful relationship between the faculty and the students. Senior school curriculum is delivered in a learning environment that is both innovative and engaging. Stimulating class discussions, science projects and group projects are just some of the ways that students are challenged.


MOUNT HILL SOLDIER'S ACADEMY strives to provide school cadets with a dynamic experience through a Military – Modeled environment where they develop as disciplined, inquiring, and knowledgeable lifelong learners who care about others and their own potential to impact their community both locally and throughout the world. Our mission is to Educate, Train and Inspire the school cadets so that each scholar is a commissioned leader of character, committed to the values of duty, honor and country and prepared for a career of professional excellence and service to nation.

It is evident that a great deals needs to be done to protect education, Students, teachers, academics, administrators and the schools and other establishment in which education is delivered. If patriotism had any value in civil life then we should say that Military life is the supreme test of guideline and sublime patriotism. The Military life is not a cradle of luxury and enjoyment, but something similar to a supreme resignation to performance of duty. There is no seeking of self enchantment in Military life. The true spirit of Military education is the spirit of high discipline and dutifulness to the cause of humanity, and thus it is essential to civil life.

In Greece the ancient civilization made its progress by Spartan manhood; In India the genuine spirit of heroism of the Rajputs. In the bright days of ancient Rome every Roman citizen was a soldier to protect the civil rights of the people. Good soldier is always a good citizen as all the qualities and requirement of good citizenship are essential to military life; but all good citizens are not always good soldiers because in military life there's nothing to be trifled with, even little things are always to be done conscientiously and with and undivided attention. To become a soldier sound health is needed, but many good citizens are not fortunate enough to enjoy the blessings of good health. To become a good soldier, a particular inclination and capacity to do one's duty is necessary, so the requisite for military life is surely of higher standard than that for ordinary civil life and military life is a life of more responsibility and self sacrifice. Our main mission is to convert the youths into assets by inculcating officers like qualities into them and so that they can serve the nation and society best by their efforts and deeds..


The scheme to establish Mount Hill Academy in order to serve as an ideal educational institution for the desserving intelligent sections of our country.